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2009  MFA, Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts
2007  BA, Department of Arts, National Taipei University of 

Solo Exhibition
2024 “Hai-Hsin Huang Double Solo Show: In the Gym”, Double Square Gallery, Taipei
           “Hai-Hsin Huang Double Solo Show: On the Road”, Double Square Gallery, 
2023 “HHH On Paper”, Nos:bookspace, Taipei
2021  “Springtime Hills”, Double Square Gallerym Taipei
2020 “Art Basel”, THE HALL, Taipei
2020 “Have A Good Day”, Double Square Gallery, Taipei
2018  "The Common Places", Capsule Shanghai, Shanghai
2017  "Stranger in a Strange Land", Aura Gallery, Taipei
2017  “Halo, Lai Pi Hsi”, Muesum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig
2016  "A Museum Show", Gallery 456, New York, NY
2015  "The Horror of Happiness", VT Art Salon, Taipei
2014  "Hai-Hsin Huang X Wanwan Lei Projects", Leigh Wen Fine Art,
            New York, NY
2013  "Home, Sweet Home", Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei
2011   "Wordless Ending", VT Art Salon, Taipei
2011   "Comfortably Numb", ISE Culture Foundation, New York, NY
2006  "Safety Instruction", The Cave Gallery, Taipei

Group Exhibition
“Midsummer Olympism: My Life, My Arena”, Uncanny @NOKE, Taipei
“All Together Now: Celebrating AAPI Voices in Contemporary Art”, Quaila Contemporary Art, Palo Alto, CA
“When We Become Us²“, Capsule Venice, Venice
“Shifting Fields: Contemporary Chinese Painting”, Standford Art Gallery, Standford, CA

“2023 NTCAM On the Move: Interweaving Travelers”, New Taipei City Art Museum, New Taipei

“In the Name of Love: An Endearing Encounter between Traditional and Contemporary Art” Beitou Museum, Taipei

“Bodies and Souls”, Cassina Project, Milan

“# Facts About me That May Surprise You”, Double Square Gallery, Taipei

“Firsthalf Champions”, C-Lab, Taipei, Taiwan

“I Have Not Loved (Enough or Worked), Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
“L’Œil du Cyclone”, Le Lieu Unique, Nante
“Along the Journey: New Acquisitions”, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei
“Orientation of Daily Life: A Biopsy of Our Life”, Tainan Art Museum, Tainan
"CTBC Painting Prize", Kuandu Museum, Taipei

“You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet”, Centre Pompidou-Metz, Metz
"Collective Manufacturing", Hsinchu City of Museums, Hsinchu
"Very Crowded", VT Art Salon, Taipei
“Just what is it that makes today’s image so different, so appealing?”, Hong-Gha Museum, Taipei
" If There Were Gaps Between Choices: Does Free Will Really Exist?", Art Bank Taiwan, Taichung.
"Taiwan Scenery and Its Tail", THE HALL, Taipei

”Taipei Biennial 2020: You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
“Pinky Swear”, Everspring Museum of Fine Art, Taichung
”Correspondence:A Global Reflection on our Moment”, Each Modern online
“3331 Art Fair”, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo

”Diplomacy”, Yeh Art Gallery, Queens, NY
”Painting from Taiwan”, Eli Klein Gallery, New York, NY
”Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”, Juming museum, New Taipei City

"Catastrophe and the Power of Art", Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
“On Anxiety”, Cleve Carney Gallery, Glen Ellyn, IL
"Dear My Wedding Dress", Seoul Museum, Seoul
"New High Land x Nos: Books ", New High Land Pharmacy, Taipei

"Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition 2017– Asian Women Artists”, Jeonbuk Museum of Art
"Power, Haunting, and Resilience”, Herbert F. Johnson museum of art, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
"Uns Gefällt Alles", Galerie Bipolar, Leipzig
“Revealing Reflected Refractions”, Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York, Brooklyn, NY
"Leipzig Singles Club – Good German Asparagus", Salon Similde, Leipzig
“Fanzines! festival — Moving Mountain - nos:books, WONDER/LIEBERT, Paris
"The Nothing That Is", The Carnegie, Covington, KY
"Mystery Cases in Contemporary Art", Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung
“Referenced”, Danese/Corey Gallery, New York, NY

"Half the Sky: Artworks by Asian Women Artists", Christie's, New York, NY
"When We Become Us", Capsule Shanghai, Shanghai
"Double Vision", Double Square Gallery, Taipei
"The Possibility of an Island: 2016 Taiwan Biennial", National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung
"Her Gaze", Taipei Cultural Center, New York, NY

"Dreams‧Habitations", NTMoFA Young Artist Collection, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung
"The Flat Files: Year Three ", TSA New York, Brooklyn, NY
"Art Pow Wow Website Launch & Pop-Up Show", 175 Rivington st, New York, NY
"What is & What Will Be", Show Gallery, Kaohsiung
"The Theatre of Absurd", Yiri Arts Pier 2 Gallery, Kaohsiung

"Double Fantasy", Art Issue Projects, Taipei
"Splinter of Life" , Cafe Showroom X Eslite, Taipei
"The Decay of Angel" , Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei

"The Decay of the Angel", KuanDu Museum, Taipei
"Drunk-Tank Pink", Field Projects Gallery, New York, NY
"True Illusion, Illusory Truth—Contemporary Art Beyond Ordinary Experience", Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
"The Circle Game", Tunghai University Art Center, Taichung

"Man, Animal, Landscape: Hai-Hsin HUANG, LIN Yen Wei, and LIN Wei-Hsiang", Eslite Gallery, Taipei
"The Moving Boundary", Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya
"The 10th Taishin Arts Award Exhibition", MoCA Taipei, Taipei
"Sincere Subversion", VT Art Salon, Taipei
"Turning a Blind Eye", Agora Art Space, Taipei

"2011 Taipei Arts Award", Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
"After Thought", Café Showroom, Taipei
"Perceiving", Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
"Drawing Now: An Exhibition of Contemporary Taiwanese Drawing", Hong-gah Museum, Taipei
"Contemporary Classics: A Joint Exhibition of Ten Young Artists", A Gallery, Taipei
"Art Creation Exchange-Words and Images", ’Ecole cafe, Taipei
"The People's Republic of China---Republic Without People", Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,

"Non-Native New York", de Castellane Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
"Vision 2", Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei
"Colored Glasses", the Da Gallery, New York, NY
"BYOA", X Initiative, New York, NY
"2010 Young Painters Competition", Hiestand Galleries, Oxford, OH
"Inaugural Exhibition" Artsite, Miami, FL

"The Williamsburg Art Wok", Multiple Chinese Take Out Restaurants, Brooklyn, NY
"Weak Painting", Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei/ Da-Xiang Gallery, Taichung
"A New Currency", 55 Delancey st, New York, NY
"Welcome to the Desert of the Real", Tunghai University Art Center, Taichung
"Heterotopia", Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY

"Amuse Art Jam", Kyoto Culture Museum, Kyoto
"Cold Q", Kuandu museum of fine arts,Taipei
"The Empire Strikes Back", Impression Art Gallery, Taipei

"Object Boundary", Studio Wo-Long 27, Taipei

"Warm Spring Blossoms- Middle-aged Men Choir", NTUE, Taipei
"503, Slight Condition X 9" Nan Hai Gallery, Taipei
"503, It’s all because of Lian, De-Cheng", NTUE, Taipei

Art Fair
2023  “I’ve Been to Italy”, Capsule Shanghai, Artissima Art Fair, Turin
2020 “Play Time”, Capsule Shanghai, Paris Internationale, Paris
2020  “UBS Charity” project, Taipei Dangdai, Taipei
2019  “Art Basel”, Capsule Shanghai, Art Basel Hong Kong

2024 “Miscellaneous Thoughts #01”, Hai-Hsin Huang, Taipei
2023 “After Art Basel”, Nos:Books, Taipei
           “Art Basel by Hai Hsin Huang”, Nos:Books, Taipei
           “To Be Your Saint”, Hai-Hsin Huang, Taipei
2022 “Clubhouse 17”, Colorama, Berlin

2019 “In the Park”, Nos: Books, Taipei
2018 “Single", Nos: Books, Taipei
2017  “Decapitron 47”, Shobo Books, Paris
2016 “There is No Future", Nos: Books, Taipei
           “Now is the Past", Nos: Books, Taipei
2014 “Folder Attacks, Buddha Jumps Comics", Nos: Books, Taipei

Residency Program

2018  3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
2017  PILOTENKUECHE, Leipzig, Germany
2016  Arteles Creative Residency Program, Finland
2013  New York ISCP, NY, USA
2013  Vermont Studio Center, VT, USA


2022 Taishin Art Award, Nominated.
2021  CTBC Painting Prize, Selected.
2015 10th Taihsin Awards, Nominated
2011  Taipei Arts Award, Honorable Mention
2009 11th Miami University Young Painters Competition, finalist
2008 Amuse Art Jam, finalist
2006 4th Taoyuan creation Award, Finalist
2005 3rd Taoyuan creation Award, Selected


2023 Art Gallery of Western Australia
           Collection, Artbank, Taiwan
2019 The UBS Art Collection
2017 Collection, Muesum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig
2016 Collection, Artbank, Taiwan
2015 Collection, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
           Young Artist Collection, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung
2013 Collection, White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney
2012 Collection, White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney